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The Master Metabolic Process

How you can find a strong belief in yourself, be more free, eat the foods you want to eat without feeling restricted, and reach new heights in your mental, physical and emotional states with Master Metabolic.

 Getting Started

Step 1. FREE Metabolic Review

Meet with one of our certified trainers virtually.


Step 2. Assessment

Your trainer will:

-assess your current physical, mental and emotional status

-take comprehensive measurements of your waist, circumference, and body-fat percentage with a 3-point caliper test

-go through a breakdown of your body measurements, including total lean tissue and fat mass

-gain and understanding of your goals and desired fitness level - which is converted to a target scale weight, body fat percentage, lean-tissue mass and fat mass


Step 3. Plan Review

-work together on setting new goals and identifying trouble areas

-compare target goal to average change per week and your expected change per week based on your lifestyle and schedule

-review plan and projected week

-set goals and timeline

-sign on as a new client

The Master Metabolic Philosophy

Your Journey as a Master Metabolic Client

Weeks 1-4: Establishing Foundation

-immediate blood sugar stabilization

-resetting body metabolism (first 3 days)

-increased energy levels

-loss of retained water weight

-brought to a conscious state with increased awareness of diet, schedule and exercise

-building full-body functional strength

-beginning to feel the burn

-increased hunger for meals


Typical Results:

3-4% body fat percentage loss.

Approximately 8-12lbs of fat loss.


Weeks 4-8: Program Framework

-exercise and diet becomes habitual and unconscious

-noticeable changes in physical appearance and mental attitude

-peak energy levels

-noticeable muscle gains

-establishing an “I can” mentality

-changing of your belief system and experiencing success


Typical Results

6-8% body fat percentage loss.

Approximately 16–24lbs of fat loss.


Weeks 8-12: Program Structure

-become a MASTER of your schedule and meal times

-fitness and nutrition becomes a high priority

-your new habits are ingrained

-taste buds have adjusted and sugar cravings are gone

-addressing and breaking through the first mental plateau (10 weeks)

-gain understanding of how food affects the body


Typical Results

12-15% body fat percentage loss.

Approximately 40-50 lbs of fat loss and 7-10 lbs of muscle gain.

Start to see a reduction in medication usage.

Type 1 Diabetics = drop insulin intake by 50-60%.

Type 2 Diabetics = blood sugar stabilization and dormancy.


Weeks 12-16: Lasting Success

-no longer a “fad” diet

-seeing lasting change in mind, body, and spirit

-exploration of a new self

-seeing a new definition of what is possible

-a new mentality of greatness


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How We Remove the Guesswork From Your Health

Weekly Check-Ins

Accountability is everything! Each week you will weigh in and have your body fat taken to make sure we are on the perfect path. We take pride in producing results.
The previous week will be accounted for and the future week will be mapped out for you.

Progressive tactics are used to achieve your goal.

Customized Meal Plans

Customized meal plans and progressive diet techniques use the food you love.
Food is the connection to your energy level, blood sugar; is an optimal environment for fat loss and zero cravings.

Our education never stops. As food evolves, we are one step ahead.

Individualized Exercise Routines

Exercise will be manipulated to harness your metabolism’s full potential without harming positive lean tissue.